Anne Holden's Travels 2010

Tuesday, 25th May - Well here we are back in Alameda, San Francisco after a very pleasant drive down from the mountains. We were 6,000ft up there and on the way there our plastic water bottles leaked and on the way down they collapsed in on themselves! The scenery and weather at Lake Tahoe is lovely - the air is very dry and when you get there you have to adjust to the thin air when you breathe. It is a great tourist area - skiing in the winter and trails to walk or cycle in the summer along with river rafting. There was a snowstorm forecast for Lake Tahoe for Tuesday and as that could have caused a problem with driving we drove back yesterday via Sacremento.

Alameda is a lovely residential area on an island in the Bay of San Francisco where many of the houses are on the waterways. You can either access the area via land bridges or by ferry from San Francisco.

This will be my last day here as I am travelling home tomorrow after a wonderful trip.

Sunday, 23th May - We are at Laura's place at Lake Tahoe, having driven through a blizzard yesterday to get here! It is freezing cold! We are 6000ft up in the mountains. Went on a tour of the Lake today and plan to get a good fire going again tonight. Snow still all around and have borrowed gloves, hat and a thermal gilet from Laura.

Am enclosing a few photos since the last lot. The final 24 hours on the sea from Acapulco to San Francisco were awful. Rough seas, cancelled shows on board and announcements telling us to take care and hold on. We arrived in San Francisco two hours late because of the bad weather. A day later and I am still swaying around!

Did you miss? "Sea Princess" moving through the
Panama Canal - Click here to view the Webcam videos

All done in Time Lapse Recordings


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